About The Game

Deadly Dread is a survival horror exprience.
A corrupting entity has infested a space station, trapping you in, and turning the crew and the environment against you.
Will you be able to escape before your mind surrenders to madness, or a creepy monster kills you while cowering in a corner?
Death will come for you, unstoppable and unpredictable.
Any new attempt to survive will require all of your skills to success, as everytime the game layout, foes, objects
and weapons you'll need will be different, making each playthrough unique.


YEAR 2045 - The space station Endeavor, in orbit around one of Saturn's moons, has stopped any communication just after reporting the discovery of an unidentified biomass on the medical bridge.
As a part of the rescue team you, Capt. Daniel Craine, are charged to investigate on the communication loss, and on the possible organic threat.
Inside the Endeavor the rescue mission will turn into a desperate attempt to escape from deadly threats, and from the power of terror too.


First person gameplay, with different approaches to survive, either stealth or shooting.
Rogue-lite, where permadeath, which implies a new run after being killed, is not impairing fun.
Each playthrough relies on a different map layout, including different enemies, tasks, objects type and location. Smart AI.

During a playthrough,enemies will learn from your actions,and will become better at spotting you,
focusing on their senses (sight, hearing, even the perception of your fear)
Dynamic environment. You can interact with the world around you on your favor, like taking cover in a shelter,
throw an object to mislead an enemy, or breaking a light to cower in the shadows.


Wounds are not the only things to pay attention. The air itself is toxic, so you shall plan your moves to save your oxygen reserve.

Use distractions or find hideouts to avoid enemies when your combat resources are on short.

Each playthrough is unique. Experience different game threats every time, find your own way to survive.

Escaping from Endeavor won't be just as easy as running to the end of a series of rooms. The space station has been heavily damaged, so you'll need to complete some tasks before being able to leave.

There are currently three special enemies that could pursue you during each playthrough, each one with its own behavior and strategy to find you.

The space station is a dangerous environment that can (it will) also threat you, changing during gameplay, blocking your escape path, breaking down and damaging you, sometimes forcing you to find an alternative way.

While being a challenging game, Deadly Dread allows you to make a snapshot of your gameplay, "freezing" the current status and letting you recovering from there, unless you've died.

Death doesn't forgive. The playthrough in progress is over and cannot be recovered.